Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm actually just procrastinating

I only know two people who have blogs. One seems to use his like a journal, or some sort of strange PR site. He's a busy guy, so instead of sending all of his friends emails to tell them how he is, he just posts a blog every day or so. It's hard to be so popular, I'm sure. A tad impersonal, though. I'm not one of his closest friends, and it's not tailored for someone like me. The other friend with a blog uses his to write funny anecdotal stories about what is going on in his life. Again, I'm not one of his closest friends, but I know enough about him to laugh out loud at his stories. Life can be crazy, and if you spin it right, crazy and stressful can be turned into hilarious.

Why do I want to start a blog? Honestly, right now, I just want to procrastinate at work. I have something really tedious I should be doing. I'd rather save that task for later tonight, when I can watch reruns of CSI on Spike at the same time.
The real reason I want to start a blog: because I can. I don't know if any of my friends will regularily check in on it or not. At least a few of you should check out this first one considering Friendster is emailing you about it for me. How nice of them to advertise on my behalf. It would be an odd email to write, though, "Hey, I wrote a blog. I think you should read it because you're my friend and you should find me interesting. You read my emails and we laugh on the phone, so my blog should be entertaining."

I aspire to be like my friend with the humorous anecdotes. I think funny things happen to me, and I believe I can tell a funny story (that, or my friends are consumate polite laughers). My boss does enough crazy things that I believe I could write a novel just about him. And the folks that I work with make me laugh all the time. There could be some real potential here for funny stories.

If anything, maybe I can inspire the friends of mine that I think are funny to start their own blogs. "That Kate thinks she's so funny, I'll show her." Bring it on! I'll be laughing right with you.


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