Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Crazy Starbucks People

Starbucks needs to be a controlled substance. People act crazy and irrationally in their pursuit of it. I have personally experienced several near-miss car accidents because of people being too focused on trying to park near the Starbucks that was on my way to work. Without any care for other motorists they will jockey for the best parking spot. Once they’ve procured their coffee, and realized that they need to get where they’re going, they’ll blindly pull out into traffic. I’ve almost been side-swiped, T-boned and hit head on. These people are a nuisance on the road. I think that all future Starbucks need to be tucked away in small neighborhoods to protect the rest of us just trying to get to work. Or at least have mandatory drive-throughs. The one in my hometown has a drive-through and I think that’s the smartest marketing decision the company has ever made (aside from respecting the coffee growers and all that human rights stuff). But, honestly people, there IS more to life than getting your daily dose of Starbucks in the morning.


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