Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Weird Magnet

I believe I have a weird person magnet inside my body somewhere. From what I am told, it is a genetic, inheritable disorder as my mother is similarly afflicted. What this means is that usually, when I am out in public, some weird person, (who is a stranger to me), will approach me in an attempt to engage me in conversation. The magnetic range is quite large – spanning at least one city block. I’ve been approached in classrooms, at work, in stores, on the street and on airplanes (as much as someone can be approached on an airplane). Thankfully it’s been more annoying than anything else. I get life stories, too much information, or benign stupid questions. Some have attributed it to my non-threatening and trustworthy appearance. I argue that I’m still a stranger to these people. They don’t know me or who I could tell their life story to. And if it’s any good, you can bet I will.


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