Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My View on Sports

I like to play sports, but I don’t like to join teams. I don’t like to be roped in. If I have something else I have/want to do, I don’t want my team to try to make me feel guilty for not participating. And I don’t eat-sleep-breath the sport in question. Yeah, I have fun, but I’m not going to sacrifice my health, or my homework/job. It’s a sport, it’s exercise. It’s not something that the sun rises and sets on.
I am capable of watching sports, on television or in person, but I will not schedule my life around it. I will not follow stats, or players, or commit myself to particular teams. Just because I’m from WI doesn’t mean I’m a Packer/Bucks/Brewers fan. Just because I live in Cleveland doesn’t mean I follow LeBron James. He has no bearing on my life, so he consumes very little of my time. I do like to participate in “office pools” though. That’s more because gambling can be fun, and we always play for cake. Who doesn’t like free cake??


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