Saturday, May 26, 2007

But thanks for the free food

Fuck ‘em. I don’t need ‘em.

That was the last research fellows’ association function I’m going to. Total waste of time (except for the free food). If everyone is just going to segregate themselves into ethnic cliques (blacks, Chinese, Indian, European, etc.) it kind of sucks all the fun out of it – especially when The Dentist & I walk in without a pre-arranged, designated clique. It was supposed to be a joint function with the medical fellows – guess how many of them showed up? Not many, and those that did, stayed amongst themselves.

Oh, and the MD., Ph.D that’s recently joined my lab? Yeah, totally blew us off. She seems pissed and we have no idea why. Probably never will know – seems to be her MO.

So disappointing.

I hope your Friday night was much more enjoyable.


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