Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is it spring already?

Seems I get inspired to write every time I catch a cold. Lucky for you.

The last half of winter went pretty well. F was interviewing for a new job (and wow, did he have to meet with lots of people – so glad I’m not in business). He did get the job and is very happy there. He’s working very hard, learning a lot, but enjoying it.

Took F to see Joel McHale for Valentine’s Day – that was awesome. We’ve been watching The Soup for a while now and were curious what his stand-up would be like. We were not disappointed. We still laugh about certain bits.

Work has been going well, more or less. Very productive, great relations with coworkers, not always the results you’re hoping for, but the data is what the data is. It is an exciting and interesting project. We just have to nail down some usable data and “make a story” out of it. The boss is currently on his annual 3 week vacation to Hawaii. Not that I see him terribly much when he’s here. I’m looking forward to macadamia nuts when he gets back.

Work related: I’m going to the AACR meeting in Denver next month. Super excited to see Doc Who there! We’ll even be rooming together! Hopefully it’ll be even more fun than the Keystone Symposium in Utah. I’m presenting a poster of a paper we’re in the process of polishing up for submission. Nothing about what I’m currently working on. That’ll be presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in (you guessed it) San Antonio in December.

We’ve had lots of houseguests this month. My stepmom stopped by for a night while she was doing sales calls out this-a-way. My favorite aunt and uncle came for a weekend – had a lot of fun with them. Old friends of F’s spent the night a couple of times (appts. at Mayo the next morning) and we had nice visits.

A friend that I’ve had since 4th grade had her baby shower last weekend. So awesome to see her. She looks great and I’m so excited for her and her husband. One of their gifts was a new video camera so I’m pushing for lots of video updates when the little one is born.

Finally made an appt for a massage (my Valentine’s Day gift from F). I had my appt last night. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but it was nice and relaxing. I probably should have just kept quiet but felt a little awkward so I started chatting and ended up getting the masseuse’s life story. [sigh] I’m good like that. I’m seriously considering signing up for membership to this place – the dues cover a monthly 1 hour massage at a discounted rate (very discounted rate, even more discounted since I work at Mayo which = awesome). We’ll see. My yoga teacher quit the old yoga studio and hasn’t officially started teaching elsewhere yet, perhaps in April or May. I definitely want to get back in that saddle. So we’ll see where the budgeting leads me.

In other news: my taxes are done and filed! Yay me!

Now to just get over my cold. I’d like to kill it by the end of the week so it doesn’t ruin or otherwise hinder my weekend plans. Wish me luck!


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