Thursday, August 03, 2006

Damage control

What I've done since The Almighty tried to smote me (or at least smote my perfect job):

1. Replied to dear NCI/NIH professor with "Know anybody else looking for a postdoc?" She asked me for my CV again, and said she'd look into it. Good. At least she can do something for me besides show me that the grass is truly greener, then slam the gate shut. That's mean.

2. Emailed the bungling professor at Vanderbilt (my first great disappointment in the world of job hunting) to see if he's had any more money come rolling in and still wants me. I know, I know, you've all voted to hate him, but I really liked him and I'm willing to give him another chance. Of course, he's on vacation this week, but will be back in the office on Monday. If I don't get an email back, I'll call his office. All I need is a simple yes or no.

3. Emailed the nice profressor at the Mayo Clinic to ask if he could wait until next week sometime for me to give him an answer. He replied that that would be perfectly fine. In fact, he's going on vacation next week and part of the following week, but he will check his email sporadically. Sweet. I wonder if he's figured out that I'm waiting on something slightly better....

Now I can breath a little easier but I'm sure getting anxious. I want this job hunting to be OVER. Sure, interviewing can be fun, but c'mon. Enough already. I need to be able to focus on getting the H-E-L-L out of H-E-R-E. Having a job lined up just might help.


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