Thursday, July 06, 2006

That strange pallor: an update

I didn’t do anything exciting over the holiday weekend. I mostly worked, but not at full throttle. On the Fourth I went to a friend’s house to stuff my face with awesome food, relax, and walk to the local middle school to watch the fireworks display. I swear they’ve come up with some new colors for fireworks. It was pretty cool. The only part I wasn’t particularly keen on was part of the finale with rapid-fire “flash/booms” (I don’t know what they’re really called, but you get the idea). They were the loudest of the bunch and seemed like a giant strobe light. I thought I might have a seizure.

ANYWAY, my friend, (my labmate from previous posts) did end up buying the starter kit for the mineral make-up. She’d been wearing it the last week or so and I was impressed by how it looked on her. It looked very natural. While over at her house she insisted I try the mineral make-up again. She was sure that applying it myself, under her guidance (because she had watched the DVD in her starter kit and they emphasized “less is more!”) would make me like it. Sure enough it didn’t give me a strange pallor! I was really pleasantly surprised. It didn’t look like I had make-up on at all, much less gross B-movie fake skin. It even held up when we went outside in the heat and humidity to watch fireworks!

I might have to rethink my stance on mineral make-up: it’s OK if I do it myself in moderation as opposed to having it applied by the technicians who overdo it. Now to see if I can get over the cost of the starter kit… I have a birthday coming up, maybe that’ll help.


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