Thursday, June 07, 2007

A stellar day

Right now, it’s a toss up as to who I want to marry more: my iPod Shuffle, or my Stat Counter. The both have good qualities, really, they do, but I’d hate to just let infatuation cloud my judgment.

I had 29 people visit my page today! I thought I was having a good day on Tuesday with 19. Prior to that I could count *maybe* a dozen people who I knew read my blog (because, when I’d talk to them, and they’d say “How are you?” and I’d start to tell them the latest bit of news, they’d say “Yeah, I read that on your blog” and then – I’d have to stop talking).

I’m a very good listener.

Anyway, what I’m finding amusing/confusing right now is the “Visitor Length” pie chart. As of right this second 37.5% of you all glance at my blog for less than 5 seconds. Alright. That’s fine. I get that when you Googled “squish me squishing” or “‘li’l dice’ is related to a kid” my blog wasn’t the answer you were looking for. By the way, WTF? Gobble-de-gook is related to a kid? Beyond me. Let’s move on.

What I’m confused about is the 56.3% of you sticking around for over an hour.

What the hell are you people up to?

I know I can write some winded posts but they’re really not all that entertaining.
I know.
I wrote them.
They’re intended for the hardcore readers who actually know me and, because they love me, want to know the minutia of my life. For that I am eternally grateful.

This is the scenario that plays out in my mind: you’re reading blogs at work, and you get distracted by something else, and just forget to shut down the page. By the time you wake your computer back up, it’s been over an hour. I’ve done that myself.

In other news, I’ve come to learn that the moniker “Lil’ Kate” is actually quite popular, and can be associated with a plethora of topics spanning the range from German Shepherds to human burns. Of all things.

I hope tomorrow is half as entertaining.


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