Friday, April 03, 2009

I couldn’t figure it out

So, I’m on the elevator leaving for the day. A woman gets on with a black messenger-type bag with a big flap on it (you know, to protect the zippers and pockets and such). On the flap is a collage of pictures.

Pictures of race cars and race car drivers.

At first glance I thought “Oh, she must have a family member who is a race car driver,” because people around here do that sort of thing – plaster themselves (via their clear ID badge protectors, buttons, etc.) with pictures of kids or other relatives doing their sporty thing.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that all of the cars were different, and all of the drivers were different. While I’m at it, check out how all of the drivers are sitting at autograph signing tables.


Maybe she’s just a racing fanatic?

In the middle of this collage is a web address for, let’s say, “”.

So, is this bag an advertisement for Kiki? Like, “Hey! You want to hire me for all of your racing photography needs!” Or, “I’ll help you stalk your favorite driver!” Or, “I’m here to support your groupie needs!” Seems to be targeting what I believe to be a narrow audience.

Did this woman hire Kiki for her own racing needs? Did Kiki say, “Look, I’ll make this bag for you, but you have to let me put my website on it – you know, in case someone else wants one, too.”

Was this Kiki herself? Advertising herself, on herself? With race cars? And drivers?

It’s been 2 days and I still can’t figure it out. Maybe I should have asked her.


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