Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm so ... lucky?

It’s been a wild week of weather here in the Great White North. Remember I said that last weekend we were supposed to get some snow? Yeah. Well, we sure as shit did. About a foot of it.

It started with a 48 hour winter storm warning starting Friday evening and ending Sunday evening. Now, having grown up in north central WI, I can say that I’ve experienced a fair amount of winter weather. I do not remember winter storm warnings lasting more than a day, so I was a bit apprehensive about 48 hours of red flashing WARNING! at every media outlet I ventured to, including internet, radio and my roommate the TV.

My fears were confirmed Friday night with a snow/sleet/freezing rain storm topped off with *thunder and lightning.*

I have never experienced thunder and lightning in winter before.

It’s just wrong.

Especially for the Midwest. Sure, the Northeast can have all the crazy weather they can handle, it gives Stephen King some material for his novels. But they have an ocean, so it’s excusable. Not here.

Being a weekend I was not bothered about holing up at home, cozily wrapped in blankets, reading books and rotting my brain with bad TV and movies. The storm eventually lifted, more or less on schedule, and life went back to relative normal.

Then the red flashing WARNING! popped up again. Another winter storm was scheduled for Wednesday evening through this evening. We’ve gotten another foot of snow. There is a very impressive waist-high snowdrift in my “backyard” that has filled in my back slab and stretches past my living room window. OK, keep in mind that it’s *my* waist and that I’m 5’2” – let’s just say that it is taller than the bottom of my windowsill.

Shut up, it’s still formidable.

I took some pictures of it so when I get around to having this film developed, I’ll share them with you. I’m thinking of cleaning my house this weekend and snapping some pics of the new digs to burn through the roll. Those of you interested in pics of the homestead, email me and let me know.

Those in the know weather-wise have said that Rochester hasn’t seen weather like this since 1982. How lucky for me to be a witness to the recurrence of these awesome forces of nature. It really makes me appreciate: 1) that I rent because I get free snow removal; and 2) that I commute because rumor has it that the Rochester city busses have NEVER taken a snow day. The bus ride in this morning was a bit of a nail-biter, but we did arrive downtown safe and sound – despite some minor fishtailing on the highway.


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What is this "film" you speak of? And I'm to understand it's on a "roll" of some sort? How many megapixels does it hold?

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