Monday, June 18, 2007

Laundry break

I see that so many of you have been kind enough to check back to this little corner of the internets, and I’m sorry that you ended up turning away in disappointment at the lack of posting.

It’s been a bit hectic here lately at Lil’ Kate Headquarters. I have been “given” an undergraduate summer student for 10 weeks. I barely know what I’m doing in the lab, and now I’m supposed to teach somebody else??? WTF? I’m supposed to make him love science, AND have a “real” project he can write home about. *I* don’t even have a real project. Anyway, the students, they take up a lot of one’s time.

I also spent the weekend in WI for: Grandma’s surprise 80th birthday party, Father’s Day, and Mom’s birthday. Three birds with one stone is almost unheard of. I’ll drop more details later. It’s getting late you know and I have to go to bed.

I’ve been trying to do laundry tonight and my drier up and quit. I don’t know what’s wrong, but since I’m not allowed access to the box, I can’t flip the breaker, and so now I have a lot of wet things further driving up the humidity in my house. Shiny.

Lastly, and the real point of this post (aside from excuses as to the lack of posting) I checked the StatCounter and was amused at the Keyword tabulation:

1. lil kate

I’m proud to say that if you type this into Google, my blog is the first listing. Kick. Ass.

2. rude abrasive terrible joiner

Sometimes I can be rude, I’m rarely abrasive, but I am a terrible joiner. I will admit to that. Obviously, I blogged about it.

3. bear grylls christian bale

Two very attractive men I’m proud to have associated with my little page. [sigh] So handsome.

4. disappointing dentist lil kate

I do know some dentists… I don’t think I’ve ever referred to them as “disappointing” though.

5. lil kate random teleconference

None of the teleconferences I’ve participated in have been random – I can assure you. They were all painstakingly planned and equally painful. Those were the days.

6. blue mascara panic fucks

I did tell you once about a “coworker” who was fond of the blue mascara – but I wouldn’t call her a “panic fuck.”

7. lil kate giddy stargate

OK, I’ll out myself, again, as a burgeoning sci fi geek. I’ve already admitted that I am addicted to Battlestar Galactica, and Heroes. Now you can add *both* Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis to the list. And I will admit that I am, in fact, giddy about the Stargates. If you call me on a Friday night, and I don’t answer, it means I’m engrossed and I’ll call you back later with a lame excuse. Unless you are LP and call me during a commercial break.

Sheppard: You know, we've been having these conversations for a couple of weeks now, and I don't even know your name. You guys do have names, right? Let me guess - Steve?
Wraith: I am your death. That is all you need to know.
Sheppard: I prefer Steve.

That kind of dialog is why I love those shows.

8. annoying breakneck lil kate

Wow. Um. Hmmm. I write about things that annoy me… but never at a breakneck pace. Rest assured, we stick to the speed limit around here (or 5-7 MPH over).

9. kate hewlett pictures

I don’t really know Kate Hewlett, but I do know she’s an actress and the sister of David Hewlett. I’m sorry, I don’t have any pictures of her. I probably couldn’t even figure out how to post some.


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I get here by typing in "Small woman, big mouth." Does that come up on your little detector? :)

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