Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Odds and Ends

Let’s see… what’s new….? Not a whole heck of a lot. I’ve spent the last couple of weekends here in Rochester so I don’t have any crazy family stories to share.

The first weekend was highlighted by a Girls Nite Out on Friday. We decided to try a new restaurant – not really to eat but more to have a drink at the bar. It’s a nice place with a real chef and all. The bar seems to be more of an after thought. I believe there were approximately 7 stools around it. Not being particularly busy (we 3 were the only ones at the bar) we got some personal attention from the bartender, who also happens to be a manager. Nice guy, 28, single, invited us back anytime, and told us where to find him on the nights he’s not working there. I’ll keep that in mind. We seemed to entertain him.

The second weekend was highlighted by a significant amount of napping, pleasure reading, and cleaning. Sometimes you just need weekends like that.

I’ve been enjoying the premiers of all of my favorite TV shows, and mourning the loss of daylight. I have to admit, though, that I’m ready for the change of season – more specifically, I’m ready for a change of wardrobe. I’m tired of all of my summer clothes and I’m ready to whip out the sweaters and turtlenecks. I’ll go through this again sometime in the spring – count on it.

I’m still trying to finish up this last paper for my Fat Former Boss (FFB from now on). It’s been a looooooong, sloooooooow process. Since my former postdoc, E, got on board, it’s been going smoother, and significantly faster. And now that E agrees that we should leave FFB *out of the picture entirely* things will continue to go smoothly. The most awesome thing: we both agree that it will NOT get accepted at the journal we’re submitting it to (so there’s no bullshitting – we’re all realistic around here), and also agree on where to submit it next. The only possibly false hope we have is that it will actually get reviewed and that then we’ll have some constructive criticism to help make the paper better for the next submission. The goal is to submit this online tomorrow night. I’m leaving for WI Friday around noon, so I need to get it done before I leave.

It’s Cranberryfest in northern WI this weekend! Crafts and freaks as far as the eye can see! Mom promises that I can get a significant amount of Christmas shopping done at this shindig – so you all better beware, and *be nice.* To me. Specifically. Or you’ll get some crappy piece of homemade chintz in your stocking.


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