Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poor story, Heather

So, my first 5th annual Hootenanny was this past weekend, and it was a pretty good time. First off, it was unseasonably cold – 29 degrees that night. I was wearing long underwear and an additional 9 layers. I wasn’t the only one, so don’t go thinking I was the big bundled dork I usually am.


It was kind of like a family reunion of sorts for me. In grad school I only came home for about 5 days at Christmas each year and consequently, I didn’t hang out with my Stepmom’s family much, if at all. So it was cool to catch up with them again. There was WAY too much food. And I got to see my little Stepbro perform for the first time. He’s good. I’m biased, I know, but I thought he was good. You can totally tell he’s energetic and loving what he’s doing. I also got to see some of the other musicians from my hometown’s local music scene – not bad.

Favorite parts:

1) Seeing my Stepmom get silly with her 3 bestest friends

2) The band’s rendition of “16 Tons”

3) Performing a rousing rendition of “Kill a Kitten” by Stephen Lynch with my Stepbro at the end of the night

Yes, I actually got behind the hay bales and in front of a microphone to sing a humorous yet bad song that I didn’t know all the words to, horrifying (by the lyrics) yet surprising (by my bravery) my Stepmom.

I’ll try to be more prepared for next year.

The weekend overall was good. I got to spend some time with my Stepbro’s fiancé – and I do like her. She’s nice and friendly and personable. She‘s also cleaned up his apartment quite nicely – she’s even decorated. There were fresh flowers in the living room. She even set out towels for me – just for me. That’s a hostess right there.

Thanks to Stepbro and J Mo I had plenty to listen to during the car ride home. I didn’t get through everything that J Mo gave me – I could get to CA and back – but I did get through Stepbro’s “Randomness” CD, which was pretty awesome. He threw it together while I was in the shower that morning. And it kept me awake. That’s key.


I do not text message.
I do not get free text messaging with my cell phone plan.
Please, do not text message me – ever.
I know I only get text messages from about 4 people, but, for the rest of you who are contemplating it – don’t do it. For those of you that do – stop it. You are annoying me.
And you’re costing me money.
The blurb you send me is not worth 15 cents. Not when I know you can just as easily CALL ME. You’re on the damn phone already.

Still love you!


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Your joke was FUNNY!

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