Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just to catch up

First off, despite the driving making my head want to explode, last weekend was actually pretty nice.

We had a family reunion that went, overall, pretty smoothly. The dinner on Friday wasn’t that great – it helps to let the restaurant know ahead of time that there will be approximately 80 of you invading their back room. The next day we had a bus tour of “historic family sites” that was actually more fun than it sounds. OK, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word, “interesting” would be better. The most interesting part was seeing the old family farm house. See, the reunion was for my paternal grandmother’s family – specifically her siblings, all of their offspring, and all of their offspring, and so on down the line. My Grandma was one of 13 children. There were a LOT of us – and not everyone could make it.

I liked hearing stories about a sleepwalking great uncle walking himself out a 2nd story window and breaking his leg, or a different sleepwalking great uncle standing at the top of the stairs driving a team of dream horses while great-grandma knelt at the bottom of the stairs praying he wouldn’t fall. Not to say that I like hearing about people getting hurt or being scared, but it was cool to actually *see* the place where these events took place – to be there and imagine it in context.

The one thing that I saw connecting all of us, besides our shared bloodline, was our love of alcohol. There were no activities taking place without it. People brought coolers of beer and Bloody Mary mix on the bus tour. While touring the old family church, the Bloody Mary drinkers left their plastic cups on the steps of the church before going in. The beer drinkers carried their bottles with them into the church. Classy!

I also got to spend some time with my Stepmom and her horses. She raises Gypsy Vanners and had had two new additions born in June. They’re still little and cute as all get out. They’re much like big dogs, and after you scratch them behind the ears, will follow you around, begging to be scratched some more. A good time had by all.

I had my 29th birthday this last week, and that was a good day. My hair actually did what I asked of it. The ladies I work with brought in lots of treats. We all went out for BBQ for lunch. The Dentist and her mother took me out to dinner. I got lots of nice emails and phone calls and cards. I couldn’t have asked for more.

In other news I see my blog has been linked on Home Improvement Ninja, which makes me ridiculously excited; mostly because I don’t personally know HIN, and yet he still includes me in his blog neighborhood. Granted, it was just because I have a link to his blog on my site… but still. He cared enough to embed my link into his code, and that means something to me.

Also, I notice most of you come to visit on Mondays, so here you go. A nice new post to help you procrastinate on Monday. I’m here for you. I’m here to help.


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