Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm not dead yet

I've just been convalescing on my couch watching the Dead Like Me marathon on the Sci Fi channel.

A quick recap:

First, I was busy. I do work, hard as it may be to believe.

Then, for reasons that became clear today, I lost my cable AND internet service here at the homestead LAST Wednesday. It was very sad and very quiet here without my roommate - TV. I missed it terribly and am very glad to have it back today.

Repair Guy: So, how long has it been out?
Me: It was a week as of yesterday.
RG: And you're just getting someone out here now? They usually try to have someone out here within 24 hours!
Me: [shrugs]
RG: You must not have been very nice on the phone.
Me: {knowing that I am very polite on the phone] I certainly tried.
RG: Well, it looks like someone confused your house with the other house (on a very similarly named street behind mine) and disconnected your cable instead of theirs.
Me: Huh. Well, I'm definitely getting credited for this week without service.
RG: Good for you.

And now I have a cold which has sapped all of my energy for the past couple of days and will probably continue to do so.
After this, I need to take a nap.
Hell, I'll just go to bed.


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