Monday, August 20, 2007

Red squirrels, tree frogs and family, oh my!

I had fun this last weekend camping with my extended family on the Willow Flowage in northern WI. It felt like fall, but I’m happy to say that I actually packed enough layers and didn’t freeze off my tukus. I ate lots of yummy food cooked over fire, propane and charcoal (they packed several pontoon boats’ worth of gear). I argued with red squirrels (mean little sons of bitches) and caught neon green tree frogs (they peed on me!). I also got in my pet fix with adorable dogs. I schooled my uncle in bocce ball. It was an awesome time.

I snuck in a shower and lunch with the ‘rents before hitting the road back to MN. It rained the whole drive back to Rochester, and I actually didn’t mind that. It kept the setting sun out of my face, which can be a bitch when you’re too short for the sun visor to be of any use.

In other news, my old boss is still rearing his ugly head. Seems he has extremely selective memory – most annoyingly he blocks out his micromanaging ways. He forgets that he told you to do something and berates you for doing it the way that he told you to. “I’d never say that.” Um, yeah, you would. And you did. Did I mention I hate you? I do.

Work is going well. I had some fungus in my tissue culture today. Meh. I need some time to catch up on some samples languishing in the freezer and update my lab notebook.

The Great Roommate Escape of 2007 has been planned for early September and I’m really looking forward to that. My stepmom’s Hootenanny is in mid-September and that should be, for lack of a better word, a hoot.

You can see why there has been a lack of posts – there’s just not that much going on with me right now. No one is being particularly entertaining, aggravating or annoying. Good for me. Boring for you.

Maybe next time I’ll just make something up.


Blogger Just a Doc said...

You sure go home alot. I hope you washed your hands, because when a frog pees on you, you get warts. It's true.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Lil Kate said...

I go home a lot because my family is making up for the 6 years of grad school where I only came home for 5 days at Christmas. They missed me.

You can bet I washed my hands clean of all frog related excretions! No warts for this girl!

12:40 PM  

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