Thursday, September 07, 2006

Like an over-ripe cantaloupe

My head would like to split open. Right down the middle. Just to relieve the pressure.

One more jolly malady that I’ve developed in my not-so-old age is migraines. The other maladies (since you asked) include: allergies to the sun, dogs, cats and hay fever as well as the inability to stay awake after 10:30 pm. I’m a joy. An antihistamine- and Excedrin Migraine-juiced joy.

Thankfully I get a visual anomaly prior to the actual onset of the migraine – so at least I know when I need to pop my liver-damaging pills. I still don’t know what causes the migraines (if I did, I’d avoid the stimulus like the plague, believe you me) and according to the literature I’ve found, it could quite literally be anything: from bright lights, to certain smells, to *allergies*, to stress and anything in between.

Today, my trusty Excedrin has let me down. The glitch in my vision came about 9/9:30 this morning. It is now 5:30 and my cranium has been politely requesting to burst open ALL DAY. She is persistent, you’ve got to give her that.

This has greased the skids on propelling this day into the Top Ten Most Annoying Days list.

The annoying things that have occurred:

1. One set of experiments that I HAVE to do for my committee meeting next Thursday WILL NOT WORK. They are the same experiments I performed not 3 months ago when they worked beautifully. All I have to do is repeat them. But no.

2. I can’t figure out how to troubleshoot said experiments, despite my best efforts to do so, including making all new reagents from scratch (in case you’re wondering, that is a huge pain in the ass).

3. Said experiments have to be performed in another building, in one of my committee member’s labs, back in a hidden corner where the AC blows right on me. (And no, my committee member isn’t around to help – he’s out of town… until tomorrow… when I will harass him.)

4. I took my MP3 player with me to keep me company in my hidden corner and my trick of taping the headphones into a certain position also WILL NOT WORK.

5. I started to revise my postdoc’s manuscript only to find it to be one of the most painfully written specimens I’ve seen in a long time. This agitated my pressurized brain and slightly, ever so slightly, tarnished my respect for this man. I know he’s capable of better.

6. My inbox was stuffed to the gills with junk mail when I got back to my lab. Apparently the university sells our email addresses to folks who spam us. For reasons I can’t comprehend hundreds of students decided to reply to the spam with “please remove me from your list” not realizing that they were replying to EVERYONE ON THE LIST. Idiots! I’d like to punch them each. Individually. In the face.

And on that note, I will be going home now, where I can feel sorry for myself in peace. I plan to enjoy a delightfully spicy Thai noodle bowl, which will hopefully distract my pain receptors long enough for me to finish revising my postdoc’s manuscript. Wish me luck!


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