Monday, April 07, 2008

Karma strikes!

I’m without much blog fodder today because Karma struck. Struck my Mom and knocked her on her ass. See, Mom decided she wanted to skip out on a Forced Family Fun Function on Easter by *pretending* to be sick. It worked, she and Stepdad got to spend the holiday together, all was good. Then a couple days before coming to visit me and F, Mom *actually* got sick. Sick with a plague that sounds a lot like what I had in March (for most of the month of March – resilient little bug it was). Consequently, they didn’t make the 5 hour drive to visit us. And believe me, the prospect of getting re-infected with Uber-bug didn’t thrill us.

They’re thinking of coming this weekend instead, but right now they’re scrambling to find someone to watch the dog. Apparently the kennel is closed this weekend. We’re banking on the neighbor for now, but I’m not holding my breath.

So instead of entertaining my parents for the weekend F and I were busy little bees. We got to work going through the stuff and crap at our respective houses and dropped off FIVE carloads to Goodwill (cumulatively). I’m so proud of us, mostly me (3 of those carloads were my crap). F is a pretty sparse/minimalist-type of guy (to a point). I, on the other hand, have been burdened by guilt-laden attachments to cast-offs, hand-me-downs and other detritus from my parents and their kin for YEARS. I’ve carried this stuff from apartment to apartment in Cleveland, and then finally here. It was time to stop the madness. It felt so good to finally rid myself of these things that I will never use.

Granted, we still have to go through my garage, but we made it through the rest of my townhouse and it’s looking pretty good in a half-moved-out-but-not-quite-yet kind of way.

Mom seemed a little put-out to hear about this drastic purging on the phone last night, and I can only think of 3 reasons why: 1) being a hoarder herself, she doesn’t like to see me leaving the fold; 2) she actually thought all of that stuff was valuable and I should have rented a storage space to keep it; or 3) she has doubts about F & I and didn’t want to see me lose my stuff lest we not work out and I have to move out and just buy new stuff. I’m hoping for options 1 or 2. Maybe I’ll find out.

No, my lease isn’t up until the end of June, but we wanted to get a head-start on things. With spring and summer coming up, our weekends are getting more and more full. Those of you who have helped to move me know how daunting a pile of stuff I have/had. We figured it would take us at least 2-3 weekends to accomplish what we did this past weekend. Plus, if we can continue to be this productive, I just might be able to get out of my townhouse by the end of May and get out of my lease a month early. We’ll see how well we do and what my Property Manager says.


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