Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bare bones

Well, I can’t say anything too terribly exciting or entertaining has happened since I last updated you in a quick recitation-of-the-facts sort of way.

My Stepsister’s bridal shower weekend was fine. F and I confirmed that we are terribly allergic to German Shepherds – or at least my Stepmom’s German Shepherd. Her dander easily breaks through our antihistamine fortifications. F got to “explore” downtown Wausau during the shower as penises were not invited. On the way back to Rochester I dropped him off at the Minneapolis airport without incident.

The week without him was fine. I had made a mountain of laundry for myself to do while he was gone (all of our assorted winter items, German Shepherd-contaminated clothing from the weekend, sheets & towels, etc.) TV and I picked up where we left off – fast friends that we are. I got little stuff down around the house – which is now starting to feel a bit more like “our” house vs. “his house, and I just live there.” It takes me a while to feel some ownership – even when renting.

F got home last Friday about 45 minutes before my Mom & Stepdad arrived. I gave them the Mayo tour of all the fancy art and atriums as well as my work space and future work space (we’re moving next week, currently packing). They dug it. Saturday they got a tour of F’s work which my Stepdad thought was super cool and would love to tour again. That afternoon was successful shopping for Mom. Apparently the north woods of WI is no longer considered “civilization” because they don’t have a TJMaxx nor a Target. Sunday they were on the road by 10:15 am. We all had a nice time eating good food, having successful tours and shopping AND even having time for some relaxation. A good mix if you ask me.

I’m enjoying F being home this week. I like him, and it’s nice to have him around. I know, big shocker there. Friday we leave for Cleveland and we’re getting excited about that. Sunday, when we fly back to Minneapolis F will stay at the airport to catch a flight to Europe. I’ll have another lone star week. I’m making up a list of things I could do around the house while he’s gone to entertain myself in the evenings. We’ll see if I actually do any of them.


Blogger LabTech said...

If you get ridiculously bored...I'm usually good for a few entertaining stories of various orgins...feel free to call whenever you'd like! LOL ;)

11:23 AM  
Blogger Lil Kate said...

Thanks! You and another friend are on the docket for phone calls. I think that's a good way to spend my evenings - catching up on the phone with friends. :)

1:57 PM  

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