Friday, May 02, 2008

A Quickie

F and I are all moved in together. Last weekend we went back to my old place to do the final cleaning. I walked through with the property manager on Monday (no charges, thankyouverymuch) and turned in my keys and garage door opener. That evening they were having some people come to look at the place, wanting to start renting June 1. No word if they’re taking the place or not. I have to drop off my May rent check tonight.

F and I cleaned the house together for the first time last weekend, too. Remember, I’m anal and he’s boarderline OCD. Consequently his idea of “light surface cleaning” is *very* different from mine. I would define it more as “solid cleaning.” I’m scared to see “deep cleaning.”

This weekend we are going to WI for my step-sister’s bridal shower. On the way back I’m dropping F off at the airport so he can fly to Europe for work for the week. He will be in Europe for work every other week for at least the next 2 months. Sucks, but I’ll deal. I’ve got things I can do around the house to entertain myself (I’ll probably eat crappy food, resurrect my previous roommate: TV, and nap a lot). The following weekend the parents will actually visit. I hate to jinx it, but I think getting slapped by Karma (twice!) means they’ve met their quota. The weekend after THAT we’re going to Cleveland! I’ll get to meet F’s best friend from college AND introduce F to (most of) my Cleveland Friends.

I’m sure that somewhere in there I’ll acquire some more blog fodder. I hope this can tide you over in the meantime. Have a good weekend!


Blogger craig said...

Instead of "F" I think it would be funnier if you called him "F'er."

7:54 AM  

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