Friday, September 08, 2006

Hansel? Gretel?

Last night, as I’m walking to my car, I see some shmutz on my trunk. Getting closer, I see that it’s cookie crumbs. Someone has left cookie crumbs on my trunk. Granted, my car is parked relatively close to the door for the parking garage, so I can see that there is probably more foot traffic going past my car than others. But why would you put your cookie on my trunk? I wouldn’t put my cookie on my trunk. It’s dirty. Obviously, to the naked eye dirty.

The real kicker: this is not the first time I’ve found cookie crumbs on my trunk. This has happened a handful of times before.

I wonder if this is happening to the other cars parked near mine, and I only notice when it’s my car that is crumbed on.



Blogger craig said...

There are worse things to find on your car.

1:29 PM  

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