Thursday, April 20, 2006

Say it ain't so!

Have you ever found yourself losing interest, or falling madly out of like with something, simply because someone you don't like turns out to like it too? For example: I used to like Bon Jovi. I wouldn't say I was his biggest fan, but there were some songs I could totally get into. I come to find out that a guy at work (that I CAN'T STAND) also likes Bon Jovi. Instaneously, and with much remorse, I come to hate Bon Jovi. I feel embarassed that I once liked Bon Jovi for the simple fact that this guy has liked him all along. I fear that my liking of Bon Jovi makes me similar to this person (that I CAN'T STAND, that's key). Heaven forbid I share anything with this guy, or be seen as having anything in common with him in any way. Everytime I hear Bon Jovi I will think of him and how I CAN'T STAND him. I wish he didn't like Bon Jovi. Ass.
Am I the only one who's gone through this? Is there anything you've turned your back on simply because you found out someone you didn't/don't like, likes it too? Or is this simply another manifestation of my neuroses?

Thursday, April 13, 2006


My Mom sent me a box of goodies for Easter (an MD 20/20 box to be precise - funny in and of itself). Opening the package I found the front section of a USA Today along with lots of candy. My Mom had indicated a headline with a "YIKES!!"

The headline read "Disaster is coming to San Francisco... ...the question is when it will arrive" and it is referring to the 1906 earthquake that ruined the city. Can you tell she's not thrilled about the prospect of me getting a job there?