Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It’s been a good birthday week.

It started last Tuesday with my coworkers bringing in various tasty treats for all to share. Thursday I came into work to find my desk, bench AND tissue culture hood decorated in the customary black streamers, black balloons, and recycled “Over the hill” decor from past lab birthdays (one coworker turned 30, three more turned 50, and the boss turned 60 this past year). I also got approximately 1 metric ton of glittery confetti generously sprinkled on my phone, every shelf, every work-space, and every drawer that wasn’t locked. They even taped some of this glitter to every pen they could get their hands on. That day the lab took me out to lunch, a very nice gesture and treat.

Just before lunch a delivery arrived for me: a dozen red-tipped yellow roses and more balloons from F. I left all of the decorations up all day, knowing that F had a doctor’s appt on campus that afternoon, so that he could see what my coworkers had done. We went to dinner downtown (since we were both here) and later he helped me take home all of my balloons and flowers. Claiming to not be tired, F stayed up late on Thursday night while I went to bed.

When I got up Friday morning, it was like my own private surprise party of one (F leaves for work shortly after waking me up for the day). Red & yellow streamers decorated the hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen and entry way. F even decorated my usual chair at the kitchen table. A “Happy Birthday” banner hung above the sink and multi-colored balloons littered the floor. It was hilarious.

Saturday we went out and got me a bike. It’s light green with a very comfortable seat (F is rather jealous). I spent a good chunk of my “economic stimulus package” on it. After that we had a quick lunch and then were off to the Dodge County Fair where F’s work was having “Family Day.” Our job was to usher people toward the registration tables and hand out balloons to the kids. I chose to fill the helium balloons so F could schmooze the crowd and hand them out. I swear I was filling balloons the entire 2 hours we were signed up for. My thumbs hurt. (That’s how big of a baby I am). We spent the next hour wandering around the fair, people watching, looking at animals and eating cheese curds (perhaps our last of the season). Back home we readied ourselves for a nice dinner out at our favorite (only) tapas restaurant. We tried a lot of new things, and loved all of it. It was an excellent meal. Shortly after getting back home food-induced comas overtook us.

Sunday we cleaned the house (I’ll even admit that it badly needed it), got some sun (read: we burned ourselves trying to get a little tan), took a bike ride (love my new bike!), grilled out dinner and fell asleep together on the couch watching Nat Geo. Perfection!

Sprinkle in a generous amount of birthday cards, birthday emails, birthday calls, and birthday presents – it was a great extended celebration. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes – I really think it contributed to my having a great birthday week.

Today is “Friday” for me. Tomorrow morning F and I are off to Half Moon Bay, CA for my college roommate’s wedding (which I’m standing up in, and hoping my new tan lines don’t look too tacky). The wedding is on Saturday, so we’re taking the couple days before the wedding for a little vacay for ourselves. We have nothing planned, so it should be interesting to see what we come up with to entertain ourselves, if anything at all. We might just relax, though I’m currently doubting F’s ability to be lazy. We’ll see.

Have a great week and thanks again!