Friday, January 04, 2008

December was tiring

Hello Kittens.

In an effort not to bore you, and (more importantly) get credit for posting at all, I’m going to quickly recap the last half of my December for you – hitting the highlights (both personal/gossip-worthy and entertaining) and skipping the ho-hum. Buckle up.

BF and I took a trip up to the hinterlands of Northern WI to Minocqua to spend the weekend with Mom and Stepdad. I couldn’t have asked for it to go more swimmingly. Everyone got along – we laughed, we visited, shopped, ate out, and played with the puppy. That Saturday was the big family Christmas celebration on my Dad’s side of the family. They’re a rather raucous group, especially when you add booze to the equation, but BF was unphased. I swear, you can put him in any situation with any type of person and he can chat them up like a pro. He even got the inside scoop on some Polish that even *I* wasn’t invited to partake in. My grandma, cousins and aunts all approved. Several pulled me aside to say “He’s really cute.” Most disturbing – “Kate, he’s yummy!” Yeah, let’s not dwell on that one.

The intervening week after that weekend and before the official “Christmas Vacation” was hectic. Wrapping things up at work. Wrapping up all of our gifts. BF and I were truly exhausted.

I did get to meet BF’s kids… and The Ex. Again, I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better than it did. Everyone was nice (especially to me, and that’s what really counts, right?). Yes, it was weird seeing BF in his Dad role – simply because I know him as a single guy. But now I can totally call him out on using his “Dad voice” on me now and again. His kids are great and sweet. We had a wonderful time and watching them open their presents was awesome. I’m looking forward to future visits.

The next day it was off to the Hometown of Wausau. The weather was *not* good, but we took our time and were only an hour late. We got to hang out with Stepmom, her BF and various members of her family at Stepbro’s (and 3 other people’s) new bar – Malarkey’s. Go there. You’ll like it. I promise. Ask for Tito. Christmas Eve day we bundled up and visited Finnegan’s Fields – the farm where Stepmom raises her horses. BF was impressed and learned not to take flash photography inside the dark barn – the horses? They do not like.

Finally we were on our way up to Minocqua for 4 more days of family fun. BF got to meet 2 more grandmas, play with the puppy (I swear he seriously contemplated dog-napping him), snowshoe, and sleep in bunk beds. We also re-introduced him to cut-throat Scrabble and Sequence. We don’t care if you’re family – we will step on you to win, dammit. You have to love us anyway. And love him the family did. BF got rave reviews all around. So happy.

This past weekend was BF’s work Christmas party where I got to meet some muckety-mucks in their natural habitat. Food was great, everyone was extremely nice, we got to take home some sweet gifts, and only one person started a fire (tissue paper burns *really* well, by the way).

New Year’s Eve we went to a swanky restaurant and had an amazing meal. Even saw the Boss there! Then it was a quiet night at home… enjoying each other’s company… planning the fun for 2008.