Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An extra click

I'm blog fodder over at Scripturient today.

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The things I ask of you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poor story, Heather

So, my first 5th annual Hootenanny was this past weekend, and it was a pretty good time. First off, it was unseasonably cold – 29 degrees that night. I was wearing long underwear and an additional 9 layers. I wasn’t the only one, so don’t go thinking I was the big bundled dork I usually am.


It was kind of like a family reunion of sorts for me. In grad school I only came home for about 5 days at Christmas each year and consequently, I didn’t hang out with my Stepmom’s family much, if at all. So it was cool to catch up with them again. There was WAY too much food. And I got to see my little Stepbro perform for the first time. He’s good. I’m biased, I know, but I thought he was good. You can totally tell he’s energetic and loving what he’s doing. I also got to see some of the other musicians from my hometown’s local music scene – not bad.

Favorite parts:

1) Seeing my Stepmom get silly with her 3 bestest friends

2) The band’s rendition of “16 Tons”

3) Performing a rousing rendition of “Kill a Kitten” by Stephen Lynch with my Stepbro at the end of the night

Yes, I actually got behind the hay bales and in front of a microphone to sing a humorous yet bad song that I didn’t know all the words to, horrifying (by the lyrics) yet surprising (by my bravery) my Stepmom.

I’ll try to be more prepared for next year.

The weekend overall was good. I got to spend some time with my Stepbro’s fiancé – and I do like her. She’s nice and friendly and personable. She‘s also cleaned up his apartment quite nicely – she’s even decorated. There were fresh flowers in the living room. She even set out towels for me – just for me. That’s a hostess right there.

Thanks to Stepbro and J Mo I had plenty to listen to during the car ride home. I didn’t get through everything that J Mo gave me – I could get to CA and back – but I did get through Stepbro’s “Randomness” CD, which was pretty awesome. He threw it together while I was in the shower that morning. And it kept me awake. That’s key.


I do not text message.
I do not get free text messaging with my cell phone plan.
Please, do not text message me – ever.
I know I only get text messages from about 4 people, but, for the rest of you who are contemplating it – don’t do it. For those of you that do – stop it. You are annoying me.
And you’re costing me money.
The blurb you send me is not worth 15 cents. Not when I know you can just as easily CALL ME. You’re on the damn phone already.

Still love you!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I don't travel to make friends

I travel to keep friends.

Sorry, dude. If I were interested in chatting, I would have started a conversation with you a while ago instead of contentedly keeping my nose in my book. Please leave me alone.

Anyway, so, the Great Roommate Escape of 2007 was a blast. Traveling out to DC went fine. I finished reading Jane Eyre. IN roommate arrived shortly after I did, and B was there to pick us up – such a sweetheart. Chili for dinner with great wine and lots of bonding with the dogs that I swear I could ride like ponies. Wow, labs can get big.

Friday CA roommate and B had to work, so IN roommate and I were on our own. We slept in, took our time getting ready, and got on the wrong bus to take us to the Metro. Well, it was the right line, just going in the wrong direction. But everyone was very nice about helping us get back on track. We got down to “The District” about 2 p.m. It was hotter than Satan’s ass crack, my friends. We arrived right in front of the National Building Museum as planned. Very impressive structure, both inside and out. Only problem was that the major exhibit was closed that day. Bummer. But IN roommate was able to buy herself a fun bubble level ring. Next we headed to the Mall, where we sat in the shade, chugging water, and occasionally ventured into the sun to take pictures of the capital building or the Washington Monument. We rallied to trek over to the White House, took a couple token pictures, and wandered over to the Old Ebbitt Grill. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but we each had a draft of wheat beer to go with our crab and artichoke dip while drinking in the AC through our skin. It was very nice. The bartender was fun. The décor was pretty cool. Then it was back to the Metro and home to CA roommate and B.

CA roommate had about 3 Hefty bags-worth of clothes for us to go through. We’re starting (I know, some of you will laugh) to think that she’s got a bit of a shopping addiction. It is truly amazing to me the sheer amount of stuff she and her husband have in that house. I believe that if they were better about their spending habits (mostly her) they could have bought a house twice the size of what they have. It’s mind boggling. I’m sure if she saw my house she’d think I live like a monk. Either way, I made out like a bandit with new-to-me clothes – a good number of which still had the tags on.

Saturday we went out to breakfast at a pretty awesome greasy spoon near their house, then headed for a nearby state park. Again, hotter than Satan’s ass crack. The park was beautiful, and we enjoyed the bit of walking around that we did, but we had to pack it in after a while. Off to the truly awesome custard shop they’d found. Back at home IN roommate took a nap while CA roommate and I watched the latest Brian Regan DVD. Love that guy. Steaks for dinner. The Office on DVD for dessert. IN roommate had never seen it (that’s what happens when you don’t own a TV) and CA roommate and I had to get her hooked.

Sunday we woke up too late (nobody thought to set an alarm) and we scrambled to get bathed and packed. IN roommate’s flight was before mine, so we dropped her off and headed for a nearby shopping area until it was time to drop me off. I kinda wish we had a Nordstroms Rack in Rochester, now.

The flight home was fine. I started reading American Gods. There was a 30 degree difference when I stepped outside. Fall has come to Rochester.

It was great to see the roommates and B. We realized that it was around this time 11 years ago that we all met. Crazy to think about. Here’s to continued GRE’s.

Work has been slow this week. I was too damn productive last week. Hootenanny in the hometown this weekend. I’m staying with my stepbro on his couch. Should be interesting. He assures me that his apartment is much cleaner now that his fiancé is visiting. Thank goodness for that.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I prefer reading

That’s why I haven’t been posting. If I have free time, my nose is in my book. Sorry, folks, that’s just the way it goes. Not that I don’t love you, but you complain so little, I don’t feel bad about it.

OK – what have I been up to?

Finally got to take a trip up to the Mall of America (the MOA for those in the know) with my coworker. We’d been talking about it for a while. It was a very successful trip. I got new sneakers, *FOUR* pairs of jeans that I don’t have to cuff (28-30” inseam – make a note), and a new tea toy (Tevana didn’t have any more mesh tea balls, so I opted for the pour-through strainer-type dealy).

Rumor had it that my boss was pleased with my progress. Though, upon further questioning about context, it seems to be 50% compliment to me and 50% slam on the 2 previous grad students. Then the rumor was confirmed when the boss actually said the vaguely described comment to my face. I’m still ambiguous. But today he asked me to accompany him on his morning coffee run – bought me some tea and chatted with me, NOT about anything work related. So I’m thinking he thinks I’m alright.

Spend this last weekend up in Northern WI with the ‘rents. It was a beautiful weekend – upper 70’s to low 80’s, sunny every day with a puppy to play with. Not to mention traffic was not nearly as infuriating as I had feared it would be. My head didn’t come close to exploding. And I got to soak in some of the fall colors that are starting up there. Seems a bit early, but I guess that happens when it’s been dry and the trees are stressed.

Anywho – Saturday Grandma and Auntie drove up from the hometown to spend the day with Mom and I at Applefest in Eagle River. Lots of interesting craft booths. LOTS of jewelry for sale – but I kept my head and consequently my money. Sunday we went out to lunch with an old classmate of Stepdad’s, took the dogs swimming, had a couple motorcycle rides, and went miniature golfing after dinner. A good day. Love the puppy. Monday I stopped by the G’rents’ place on my way home. They were coring and slicing apples like fiends – freezing bags of them away for winter pies. Pretty slick operation with the little gizmo they have to do it with. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper for a bit on the way south, but that was because of an accident – not because of monster traffic. Now that the tourist season is over, things should be much quieter up there.

Now I’m back at work until Thursday afternoon when I take off for the Great Roommate Escape (I’ll be putting in just under 2.5 days of work this week). Should be a blasty blast. I’ll update you when I get back. Promise.