Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please say no

So, I think I have an arthritic knuckle. Just one, the middle one on my right middle finger. It gets stiff, and sometimes it's tender. And it's not going away. This is annoying, and it's making me feel old. Not. Happy.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

On the mend

In some sick and twisted way, I think it was almost a good thing that I had such an awful week with the future in-laws. Want to know why? Because after they left, and it was just F and Kiddo and I, just having Kiddo around seems like *cake.* Like I’ve said, I’ve not spent a significant amount of time around kids since babysitting was a major source of my income. The idea of having Kiddo come to live with us I did not take lightly. The idea of being an almost-step-parent was (and still is) a bit intimidating.

Thankfully Kiddo is a pretty well-behaved child. He’s at an age where right and wrong, rule following, and pleasing his parental units is high on his priority list. He’s not perfect, but he is making this almost-stepmom gig seem pretty easy.

Those first 2 weeks after Hell Week we all attempted to fall into some sort of newly normal routine. Kiddo had to go to daycare, while we had to go back to work (and I had to start eating again - losing the weight was a lot easier than it's been to put it back on). Kiddo was less than enthusiastic about the place we chose for him for daycare, but our options were pretty limited. Apparently those last 2 weeks in August are the hardest to find daycare – everyone closes up shop and goes on vacation. Consequently people usually take their family vacations then, seeing as how they have no daycare. Thankfully Kiddo understood the situation and muscled through it for us, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with school starting.

This last weekend was a classic whirlwind trip to WI to see my family – but this time Kiddo got to come along. He met most family members on both sides of the family. He had a good time, liked everyone he met, and would like to make another such trip sometime in the future. “It would be my pleasure,” he says. Sometimes, he cracks me up. I think he actually liked the paddle boat and kayaking best of all, but hey, whatever it takes.

F and I were overjoyed that Kiddo actually liked his first day of school. He came home and talked for about an hour and half straight. He was excited to apply for Safety Patrol and almost beside himself with joy at the thought of getting the classroom job of homework checker. When kids turn in their homework, the job of the checker is to check off their name, and if they don’t turn in their homework, their name gets put up on the board. Remember – he’s really into following rules, so tattling thrills him to no end. I asked Kiddo, “So you want to get your classmates in trouble?” His reply, “Well, it’s their own fault!” I had to laugh to F later, “Do you think these jobs will endear him to the other kids?” I’m going to guess not so much, so we might have to have a discussion about what it means to “gloat” or “rub things in.”

Homework hasn’t started yet, perhaps tonight, so that will be interesting. The teacher expects at least 40 minutes worth of homework a night, and full parental involvement. I think it’s a good thing. I wish more parents would make/take the time. Kiddo may be able to get a good chunk of it done while at his aftercare. He’s coming around to the idea that there is a finite amount of time at aftercare, and at home, so he has to budget for homework and for play. Plus, if you don’t do your homework, you get kicked off of Safety Patrol. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?