Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Is it just me?

I have a coworker who says that she "doesn't like music." This astounds me. With all of the different genres of music, how could a person not find something that moves them? This seems wholey unnatural to me, people need music on some level or other. She can listen to talk radio until her ears fall off, but rankles at the music played by myself or other labmates.

Today she walked into my tissue culture room and turned off my Christmas music. She only had about 5 minutes worth of work to do in there with me, but couldn't tough it out for that long. I found this rude. If she would have asked, I'd oblige. As she's leaving, she says "I'll be back shortly" which I heard as "Don't turn the music back on because you know I don't like it."

Do you know anyone like this? I find it completely strange.